MSO203B : Partial Differential Equations

Course Description

This course will be conducted in flipped classroom mode in which typical lectures will not be delivered in physical classrooms; rather short lectures will be available to students through videos that will be available online. Generally each video will deal with a single concept. Students are expected to view these videos of their own before flipped classroom sessions which will be held in physical classrooms. In flipped classrooms students can discuss their doubts, problems or any concept related to the course. In addition to flipped classroom sessions, there will be one problem solving tutorial session of fifty minute where tutor will solve the assignments and also will  explain certain key concepts.

Course Content

The Course will start with the Sturm-Liouville Equation and its applications. We will then move on to Fourier Series and how it can be used to solve PDE’s.
Classification of PDE based on Linearity and the 2nd order classification will also be studied along with the canonical forms. We will then move on to the Laplace equation and study some qualitative property like Maximum Principles and also learn how to solve them in polar  and spherical co-ordinates. We will finish the course by studying the Heat and Wave equation.


Advanced Engineering Mathematics 10th Edition , Erwin Kreyszig, Wiley Publisher.


 Relative Grading will be followed to award grades. 


There will be 1 Quiz and 1 End-Sem Exam for this course and the weightage are 30% and 70% respectively.

Make-Up Exam

No make-up exam for the quizzes is possible . Makeup examination for end-semester examination will be as per the policy of the Institute.