MSO202A : Introduction to Complex Variables

Course Content


  1. This course will be conducted in Flipped Classroom Mode.
  2. Every Friday evening, 3 to 7 videos of total duration 60 minutes will be released.
  3. The venue and timings of Flipped classrooms are W/Th 09:00-9:50 L7.
  4. The timing of tutorial is M 09:00-9:50.


  • Complex Numbers, Complex Di erentiation and C-R Equations
  • Analytic Functions, Power Series and Derivative of Power Series
  • Complex Exponential, Complex Logarithm and Trigonometric Functions
  • Complex Integration, Cauchy's Theorem and Cauchy's Integral Formulas
  • Taylor series and Cauchy residue theorem
  • Mobius Transformation


  1. Churchill, Ruel V, Brown, James Ward Complex variables and applications. Fourth edition. McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, 1984. - an elementary text suitable for a one semester; emphasis on applications.
  2. E. Stein and R. Shakarchi, Complex Analysis, Princeton University Press, 2006.- Modern treatment of the subject, but recommended for second reading.
  3. P. Shunmugaraj, Lecture notes and assignments (strongly recommended for students), available online