MSE305: Materials Processing

Course Description

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the fundamentals involved 
in the processing of materials. Various materials processes are used in variety of industries 
to create and form materials for wide range of applications. There are some commonali ties 
behind all these processes and the aim of this course is to go through these fundamental 
physics and materials science behind these processes so as to be able to understand, design 
and  predict  the  outcome  of  these  methods.  At  the  end  of  this  course,  students  should  be 
able  to  answer  the  following  questions:  (a)  What  are  the  various  fundamental  material 
processing techniques and the science behind it; (b) What processing method to use for a 
given material and a given application. 

Course Content

Solidification Processing (Introduction to solidification, casting, welding, mold, feeder 
and riser design, Fluidity Considerations, Heat Flow, Composition Variation, Cellular 
Solidification, Plane front solidification, Casting defects)
Mechanical Working (Intro to metal working, Basics of continuum mechanics, Plastic 
Instability, Superplasticity, Workability, Mechanics of Metal working, Rolling, Forging, 
Extrusion, Friction and Formability)
Metal and Ceramic Powder Processing (Powder production and Characterization, 
Powder Compaction, Solid State Sintering)
Thin-film and Coating Techniques (Intro to Vacuum Technology, Physical Vapor 
Deposition Process, Chemical deposition, Plasma Spray Coating)