Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is moving a huge step forward in education by offering the courses in blended mode (Flipped Classes). In this format, lectures will not be delivered in physical classrooms.Short lectures will be available to students as videos. Students are expected to view these videos on their own before the flipped classroom sessions which will be held in physical classrooms. In flipped classrooms, students can discuss their doubts, problems or any concept related to the course.

Prof. Neeraj Misra offered his course MSO201 in flipped mode in the academic year 2015-2016, 2nd semester.Feedback from the students was very positive and institute decided to offer more courses in this format in the upcoming semesters.4 more courses were offered in blended format during 2016-2017 Ist semester.

Courses Offered

Instructor: Dr. Vipul Arora
Instructor: Prof. Mahendra K Verma
Instructor: Dr. T. V. Prabhakar